Gebäudeschwingungen: kombinierte Zustandsanalyse mit innovativem Sensorkonzept

Characterizing earthquake induced building damage in an efficient, automated and non-invasive way is a crucial support for the decision on further usability of critical infrastructure. In the GIOTTO project (Gebäudeschwingungen: kombinierte Zustandsanalyse mit innovativem Sensorkonzept, German for: Combined state of health assessment with an innovative sensor concept) we propose to use 6 degrees of freedom sensors (6DoF) to monitor the complete movement of a building structure in three rotational and three translational degrees of freedom. On one side, we develop 6DoF sensor networks for strong motion building monitoring on the basis of 20 inertial measurement units (IMU50 by iXblue, France) originally designed as north-finding gyroscopes, on the other side we incorporate the new observable of rotational ground motions into the concept of coda wave interferometry for continuous real-time structural health monitoring.


The structure of the GIOTTO project