GIOTTO Project Meeting, 22-24 June 2022, evangelische Akademie Tutzing

Tentative Schedule:

Wed June 22, Arrival, Icebreaker at 18:00

Thu June 23, Scientific Presentations, Late Afternoon: Walk to (Dinner)

Fri June 24 Scientific presentations, Meeting ends 12:00


November 12: Collaboration meeting with ROBUST and QuakeSaver

November 09: BMBF - GEO:N Statusseminar

October 07 - 08: Active experiment at BLEIB test structure with varying pre-stress and varying load


September 29 - October 15: Ambient seismic noise experiment at the BLEIB test structure at BAM

June 18: Virtual science meeting on the first results of the 6DoF BLEIB experiment at BAM


December 2: BMBF - GEO:N Kick-off seminar

October 12 - 14: First Experiment involving rotation sensors at test structure BLEIB at BAM